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 Posted: Sat Nov 28th, 2020 09:12 am
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ReImagine: New Plays in TYA aims to support the development and visibility of new works for young audiences by BIPOC playwrights. This project will provide funding directly to the playwright, as well as funds to be utilized for development work with a partner theatre.

Who’s it for?
ReImagine is open to ANY playwright of color who is specifically writing for young audiences. We encourage projects from early career playwrights as well as experienced playwrights. Playwrights need to be currently residing in the United States.

Definition: Playwright — the generative artist(s) who create the script/story. We are open to teams of playwrights/generative artists, including but not limited to devising teams and playwright/composer teams.

Definition: Playwright of Color — any playwright who self-identifies as Black/African American, Indigenous, Native American, Latinx, Asian-American, Pacific-Islander, Pilipino, and/or multi/mixed race.

Definition: Young Audiences — children aged 2-18. We are seeking stories that are specifically created for this audience — if you have a play that was written for adults/young adults that “could be okay for teens, too,” we applaud your work but this application isn’t a good match.

What kinds of projects are you looking for?
We are looking for bold and fresh new ideas and voices. We are interested in the stories that you feel need to be shared in this moment – stories that are urgent and energized and fantastical and joyful and devastating and searching and burning to be told.

We are interested in hearing the full range of stories that playwrights of color are interested in telling; proposed projects do not have to address cultural identity.

We are looking for projects that are in an early-to-mid stage of development. Our goal is to provide resources to the playwright to further the creation and/or development of a new idea or project. If you have a script that is ready for production, we applaud your work, but this application isn’t a good match for your project (we are actively looking for ways to highlight work that is ready for production, so watch this space.)

Recognizing that our development resources are limited, we are open to a range of styles and development needs, including devised work and musicals. Adaptations will only be accepted from works in the public domain (e.g. folktales).

What is funded?
Projects will receive the following types of financial support:

Direct Funding to Playwrights — The playwright (or generative team) will receive an award of $3,000 in support of their work. Please note that this is NOT a commission fee — the playwright retains full rights to their work and any future development between a theatre and a playwright would require a separate contract between them.

Development Funding — The project will be allocated a pool of funding to support the engagement of a director, dramaturge and actors, as well as a small fee to the partner theatre. The funding is approximately equivalent to the budget for a one-week workshop, depending on cast size.

Who led the development of ReImagine?
The goals and guidelines of ReImagine were created by an Advisory Council comprised of the following AMAZING artists, who will also lead the 2021 selection process: Aurelia Clunie, Miriam Gonzales, Idris Goodwin, Min Kahng, and Johamy Morales

Who are the funding partners and what are their roles?
ReImagine was initiated by a consortium of TYA organizations who were looking for ways to address the immediate impact of COVID on our field and the long-term impact of systemic racism in the ways we as a field develop new work. ReImagine enabled us to respond to the COVID crisis by putting funds directly in the hands of playwrights, directors, dramaturges and actors. It also provided an opening for us — individually and collectively — to rethink our existing systems and structures of play development and to reshape a process that would center and provide agency to the playwright. The partnering organizations are:

Childrens Theatre Foundation of America — CTFA is providing funding for this project, with direct grants to playwrights and to partnering theatres.

The Kennedy Center — The Kennedy Center is providing funding and production support for the creation of materials for the 2021 TYA/USA conference.

TYA/USA — TYA/USA is providing funding for the project, supporting partner theatre involvement, dedicating a section of the 2021 TYA/USA conference to ReImagine, and providing an ongoing platform for showcasing playwrights and their work.

Write Now — Write Now is providing funding for the project, hosting and administering the competition, providing support and oversight throughout the development process, and providing an ongoing platform for showcasing playwrights and their work.

October, 2020 - Guidelines announced and competition opens
December 30, 2020 – Deadline for applications
January 22, 2021 – Second round invitees notified
February, 2021 – Second round applications due
March, 2021 – Projects selected
April, 2021 – Partner Theatre Applications opened
May, 2021 – TYA/USA Conference
June, 2021 – Partner Theatres chosen
December 31, 2021 – Deadline for completion of funded development activities

For more information,

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