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 Posted: Sun Jan 24th, 2010 03:59 am
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To all members:

I am not on Facebook. I do not care about Facebook. But I can tell you that I have known of stupid things posted on Facebook that have hurt peoples' careers. One unknown, talented young actor I know of lost a couple of hundred thousand dollars recently because of his oversight in his settings. I especially post this for young people who just think Facebook and other locales and their websites are a just a bunch of "fun."

Also, if you have a blog: use it responsibly and with the universal public in mind. If you want to share your private thoughts, keep them in private in a Word document on your computer or a hand-written notebook, or hand-written or typed posted letters to friends.

So, I post this info with you all in mind.

As a person in Show Business, I talk on occasion to classes of University and College students in the Perfotming Arts. The first thing I tell them is "Protect Yourself." In every way. Physically, professionally, personally, in what they eat, drink; protect yourself from negative influences from your friends or so called "friends." You want a long career. The Performing Arts is the one art form where our instruments - our bodies - are guaranteed to change. A violin gets better over time. A piano gets better over time. A human body - our instrument - is guaranteed to eventually and only...get worse! Take care and protect yourself, and your family - current and future - and your real friends from the fake friends and pseudo friends and the impersonal and now international "public."

Another I tell them is "Keep abreast of the Technology of the time. You will need it. But don't take it for granted and don't abuse it."

Facebook can be a lot of fun. I know many young actors, writers, and people out of show business of all ages that are on it. It has connected many people. There are many wonderful things about it and it can be very useful used constructively and purposefully for personal or professional reasons.

But be smart.

If you wouldn't want your mother or father or brother or sister to see it, or your girl or guy to see it, or even yourself to see it one year from now...don't post it. Remember: What is on the internet, at least under current law, is on it forever. There is a self-destructive program now (I forget the name of it) in existence that can end whatever is posted after a certain amount of years or whatever time-frame you want it to end. We'll see if it gets into the mainstream or if it is enacted by law.

Make sure your settings are current.

Here is the link to the article about the Facebook updates:

Again, I mention to students to keep abreast of the Technology of your Time. But, it is swiftly moving and changing. It is and can be definitely a great tool. But just as they say "Drink (or use drugs) Responsibly", also use your internet responsibly. No one will know if you were drunk - unless you get DUI. But the entire internet will/can know if you posted something stupid.

Remember: "Caveat Emptor: Let The Buyer Beware."

Thinking of you.


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 Posted: Mon Jan 25th, 2010 02:31 am
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Very good advice, IMR, and this is applicable to every aspect of communication on the cyber highway. Thanks for posting.

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