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 Posted: Sun Apr 6th, 2008 11:19 pm
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I consider your advice on critiquing very sound but I thought

I might briefly share a slightly weird experience I had earlier

this year re feedback on one of my plays.

I went to a meeting of a group looking for one act plays to enter

into a festival. There was an open invitation to take plays along

to be read for consideration.

So I took along one of my own one-act plays. The reading went

extremely well. Perhaps not surprisingly since all present were

experienced actors/actresses. It was interesting to hear the play

read and see whether the dialogue worked or not.



At the end, however, the play was greeted with a long silence.

Whether they were trying to spare my feelings or not I don't know?

They quickly moved on to another play and that was that. OK at the

end of the meeting the organiser thank me for bringing my play along

but that was that! I rationalised that at least I'd got a reading out

of the group. But I shall never know whether they loved or hated it,

or why?