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 Posted: Sun Apr 20th, 2008 09:53 pm
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Orange:  I need to either eat the orange that is in the bowl with the garlic or I need to throw it out. Because of its hermetic shell casing an orange will last longer than other fruit. I leave oranges in my lunch pouch on occasion for a week. Sometimes it is still edible. Maybe I will eat this particular orange in the garden when it gets warmer outside. The taste of an orange is the only taste that bears the same name of the fruit itself. An orange is the only smell that carries the same name as the fruit. Taste and color are intrinsic to an orange, one might say. One can smell an orange in the room. No other fruit can compare. There is an orange fragrance in Florida and California, where entire streets smell of orange blossoms. An orange slice is made like a package that neatly folds out of the shell of the fruit, unless you have long fingernails, and then the juice squirts all over your sweater. An orange is the perfect package. One cannot hear a orange, however, not if it is stationary. I love orange juice, or O.J., and loved it before the former football player took the name of the juice I used to drink. Orange is my favorite color, especially when the Broncos are winning, though the Orange Crush is more like the Orange Slush these days, and the orange logo is little more than a quarter moon. And orange joke:
Knock, knock:
"Who's there?
"Orange, who?"
 Orange you gonna let me in?