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 Posted: Sun Jun 29th, 2008 04:04 pm
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I've heard just this week that the online literary magazine from Ireland The Linnet's Wings ( will be publishing the scenes I sent them from my play Empty Bowl in their summer issue (schedule to come out the middle of August). (Empty Bowl is a Zen play set in Japan.The main characters, some of them historical, are the warrior general Nobunaga (who ultimately becomes a monk, but I haven't written the transition successfully yet), the Zen monk Hakuin, the Zen nun Eshun, a labourer/soldier named Ainu, a poet, Wabi, a peripatetic madam, Tamago, etc.) I haven't quite confirmed whether they're publishing the entire excerpt I sent, which was the first act and a chunk of the second, but I think quite possibly. (Currently the one script they have up in archives is by Chekhov--not one of his most recent works I don't think.)  I'm hopeful this will draw attention from some of the theatre companies and agents in Ireland and the British Isles--though the physical location of the editorial office for an online publication is of less consequence than with a print mag, because internet material appears everywhere at once. I have asked the editor to let theatre establishments in the area know the excerpt is up, and my bio will mention some of the other works I've produced as well. They don't pay, but I am hoping it will give my work a bit more visibility. (This came about because I was asked to send something by one of the editors, both of whom I know from the Zoetrope writer's workshop which I pretty much visit daily.)

A little more than a month ago I was asked by an editor who's publishing seven of my flash pieces along with 359 others (a day calendar anthology) later this year, if I had a story that might work for development as an animation piece for a feature length anthology project he's doing. I sent him the openings of three pieces and he asked to see one of them, "Who Was That?", in full. Within a little over a week we'd signed a contract. This one has possible money attached, though nothing up front--two points on the gross, which I'd think a little low if they were developing a feature based on my work alone, but I figure is about right  if I'm one of a number represented, and not involved in the donkey work of producing cel images for reproduction. I'm intrigued as to how this will turn out. ("Who Was That?" is a dramatic monologue delivered by a man cadging drinks in a bar, who claims to be living a series of separate lives in different adjoining counties.)