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 Posted: Mon Jul 28th, 2008 02:34 pm
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A couple lived next to us - second floor of the house.  Beautiful...but fought bitterly.  He was violent.  She loved him.  Police came a few times. wait while she zoomed off in her car.  One day, I was coming back from the store, and they were on the sidewalk saying good-bye.  You could almost taste their sorrow.  They were saying good-bye because although they were in love, they brought out the worst in each other.  I tried not to look as I walk onto the road to give them space. 

He was gone.  She was safe...yet missed him.  Weird.  Relationships are never easy.

The image of this moment haunted me...until I wrote it into a two-minute play...a play produced a few times.

Find one of those moments in your life you have been witness to, the on that keeps playing in your head like a film clilp...and write it into a short scene.  From there, who knows where it will lead.

When you are done, post it in a seperate thread here, and people will comment.  Don't forget to give gentle comments on other people's scenes.

One of the things that makes a writer a writer, is the watching...and remembering.

On your mark...

Get set...


Looking forward to reading.