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 Posted: Fri Dec 12th, 2008 12:09 am
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I thought at the beginning of this movie that I was going to be on an adventurous wild ride.

This movie was more disappointing to me than last year's "JUNO." (You can look up earlier commentaries in this thread.) It did to poverty in India - or anywhere - what JUNO did to teen pregnancy.

If this had been shot in America from a slum in Chicago or Atlanta or Boston or Milwaukee of LA, American film critics would have howled out their protests.

I felt it started out great and then it twisted/morphed into a BIG LIE.

I see it is now marketing itself in the commercials as a FANTASY.

That is being kind to it.

Are there some riveting scenes? Absolutely. Frightening. Stunning, in fact. Horrifying.

For this I applaud it. But it never really followed through.

It really is soooooooo improbable, I almost left the movie at one moment except I had to give my wife a ride home. Rule: Fantasy must be based in reality of some kind.

This follows the misleading rule of "Deus Ex Machina" but with no Brechtian irony for the modern world.

I think it tried to mix genres, and that is where the problem lies.

Could have been a great movie. I hope it makes a lot of money for all involved, but I can't help but think what it could have been.

Actors were great, no doubt about it.

I am sure everyone meant well, just as they all did in JUNO. But it became a BIG LIE.

Mind you I loved the great scene in the train station after the credits. It is a joyous "music video" on its own without the movie.

Anyone else have any feelings about this?


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