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 Posted: Wed Jan 21st, 2009 10:33 pm
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Not sure if this will help, as mine is a little different.  While I also agree with Edd, I have a play called April, Mae & June in which the same half hour is relived from each of the three sisters' perspectives.  During the course of this half hour, each calls the others at various times.  This forced me to write both ends of the conversation, as the second side of it is revealed later on.  I had to write it so that it (1) flowed well, (2) made sense, (3) let the audience know what was going on the first time they heard it (except the things that were supposed to be a secret until later, which I would make them guess at).  I included both sides of the conversation in the script each time it happened, so that each actress would know what they were responding to.  I'm still unsure that was the correct thing to do.