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 Posted: Fri Jan 23rd, 2009 11:20 am
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in media res wrote: EJT,

Sounds like a wonderfully fascinating idea!

Since you wrote "I'm still unsure that was the correct thing to do" what else would you have done (and still can do by the way) to make it better?


in media res

Well, personally I like that I did it that way.  But since I've never seen that sort of thing in any other script, I'm unsure if that was "acceptable" practice.  It was either that or do it the "normal" way, with only the onstage half of the conversation shown in the script.  But then an observant audience might notice if someone didn't respond correctly once they hear the other side of it (unless the actress went to the other part of the script and determined which line was response to which other, which would just be a mess).

This script has gotten both pans and praise by those who have read it (not many sit in the middle), and the way the phone conversations are done is part of the reason for both.  The general response by those who have seen it however, was praise.  So I'm happy about that.