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 Posted: Fri Feb 20th, 2009 08:17 pm
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I like both.  We once had an audience stop to watch two police officers arrest a man.  After a bit, the police officers were getting a bit rough.  They looked to the two warehouse guys who were leading them around, but who had been given the go with the flow law.  They raised their eyebrows (is this a play), the guys shook their heads.  The audience skulked away.

One play we did.

Mannequin in the window.  Audience outside.

A woman sensuously changing the 'lady's top sees the people.


Tries to cover the breasts.

Gets the top on.  Grabs purse.  Opens door.


Stomps down the street.

That was maybe 2.5 minutes.

Maybe Mary Alice will post her shor one here.