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 Posted: Mon Feb 23rd, 2009 06:11 am
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Here is the infamous short!

 Revisited:  A Play In One Scene]


Mary Alice Mark]

copyright © Mary Alice Mark 2007

  Cast of Characters:]
OLD SAINT:  a very wealthy man, with history. 
HAG:  a woman of no importance, with history.
SETTING:  The back lawn of an old and elegant estate.  We see only a “state of the fashion” lawn chair and a tree.  It is a cloudy day as we see by the changes in LIGHTING.
AT RISE:   OLD SAINT, private parts covered with a towel, sunbathes in an elegant lawn chair. Fully in the throes of expensive ennui, HE responds to the changing LIGHT.  AS the LIGHTS come up, HAG is revealed sitting in the tree.  They search each other for possible responses, from history.  WHEN HAG is fully revealed, SHE speaks.
HAG:  Once upon a time, a dapper, elegant, charming, well-dressed, young man about town stopped at an small cart outside of a fancy theatre to buy a Venetian Ice for a barefoot, stinky, sweaty, street urchin. . . (Directly to OLD SAINT) Thank you.

OLD SAINT:  You are welcome.
HAG (Resuming her story.):  Then he joined his friends and went on his way.  . . . For that one, apparently unguarded, act I will always love him.


It is here as wonderfully directed by Paddy in Asphalt Jungle Shorts III (It goes by quickly!)

Thank you, Paddy!

Mary Alice