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 Posted: Tue Feb 24th, 2009 01:02 pm
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1.  I think you have to consider Mumbai as the fourth character in the movie in order to view the film in the best light.  It has all the qualifications of a character:  it changes, it contributes to the action:  the death of the mother, the hindu/muslim conflict, the rising skyline and growth of organized crime . . .


2.  Yes, the storytelling device is far fetched - getting on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and then knowing all the questions - but who cares?  It was superfluous to the main story which is a story about two brothers and a woman.  To me the story is fascinating because if one brother had not been "bad" it would not have been possible for the other brother to be "good".  When you are a homeless orphan trying to eat, what moral code could possibly apply besides get food and stay alive?  And if the elder brother had not shot the Fagin character, would any of the characters survived or been free?  These sorts of complexities make a good film. 


3. Another thing that the movie was about was the relationship between the host of the show and Dev as a way to explore emerging class systems.  No matter where you are, it is the group who has most recently escaped poverty trying to keep the poor out of their middle class - I think that Dev and the host were almost symbols there (perhaps the host can be contrasted with the police chief who lets Dev out??) 

4.  I think it was a better movie than you thought it was but I didn't think it was as good as Frost/Nixon or Milk.  But I was very encouraged by the Academy's response to Slumdog - Americans are getting more global.  So yay for that.