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 Posted: Tue Feb 24th, 2009 02:01 pm
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I agree with everything you said. Yes, Mumbai as a character. Definitely. Place should always be a character. We are overbuilding our way out of character of place. Now, Downtown Chicago - as a friend of mine so beautifully described it - has no "noir" to it anymore. Too often I see plays that don't have a sense of place either written in or acted by the players.

You wrote: "Yes, the storytelling device is far fetched - getting on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and then knowing all the questions - but who cares?" I was one who did. Maybe the only one in the world! but I had problems with the movie before that.

By now everyone has seen it, I am sure, but when the little boy did what he did to see the movie star, I stopped buying it right there. Some may say, "It showed how desperate the child was." Me, I felt it was an unclever "set-up." And the swill on him was all one color! It looked fake to me. (As an actor, I've polished a lot of shit in my time.)

"No matter where you are, it is the group who has most recently escaped poverty trying to keep the poor out of their middle class." Yes, the game show host was absolutely excellent. Wonderful job. As they all did a wonderful job.

Credit goes to Danny Boyle mentioning he FORGOT to put the dance at the end choreographers name in the credits! (Of course I am sure it was in the choreographer's contract as well.) The only part of the movie I fell in love with!

"I think it was a better movie than you thought it was but I didn't think it was as good as Frost/Nixon or Milk." Milk - superb. Frost/Nixon - Superb.

However for my redemption, look under this thread for the short review I wrote of "MAN ON WIRE" (along a with Tony Bennett concert) which won best documentary this year. As they were about to open the envelope I said to my wife, "It will win if everyone voting realizes the planning, devotion, disappointment, suffering and lifelong commitment to a goal greater than ourselves."

I was overjoyed it won.


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