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 Posted: Wed Mar 4th, 2009 10:58 pm
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In Media Res

You usually give my fingers a rest as I nod in agreement to most everything you say! I've got a strong neck by this point so I'll give my little typing monsters a chance...

It seems like most of the posters are agreeing with you but I have to disagree, I liked Slum Dog Millionaire.

I'm right there with you on realism.  It has to feel or be plausible to me and often times I'll be analyzing the physics behind some effect in a movie, realize it's not possible and now they've lost me.  This happens a lot with military characters, being in the service has enlightened me to actors doing things wrong from saluting to reacting.  In this regard, the TV show 24 bugs the HELL out of me.  And yes it entertains the hell out of millions of Americans, so I know my place!

Still, whether I suspended reality enough for the situation or not, SDM worked for me.  I bought into it as if the setup's narrator seemed to set the feel of a legend more than a tall tale.  They encircled it with enough mystery to allow me to make the leap on leapable points.

Your 'jumping in the poop' argument is interesting.  I for one, am glad the poop wasn't more realistic, though I think one could argue that poop is not the same on every continent.  This concept will probably earn a large gov grant and a wiki page.

In the end the whole movie isn't plausible as reality tv, but as the legend of jamal, a kid from the slums, hey why not.  (SPOILER ALERT: latest Indiana Jones)To me, as a legend it was a lot more plausible than the cheap alien cop-out that was rented in the latest Indiana Jones.  Just how did those skulls get removed in the first place?

So I digress, I enjoyed the movie, enjoyed it's deep underlying messages and morals, and actually predicted the ending.  I suppose I would have enjoyed it more had I been suprised (many people were) but I guess I'm just complimenting myself.

My last remark is what was my lasting impression, the Host of India's Millionaire program saying "Who wants to be a Mil-yonaire?" in that awesome accent.