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Bush Theatre/BushGreen, London, ongoing, no fee, publish online as well

The Bush Theatre
Discovering and championing Playwrights is at the heart of the Bush.

We receive more than 1,000 plays each year and read every single one. Many writers started their careers by posting us a play, including Catherine Johnson, Samuel Adamson, Mark O’Rowe and Jack Thorne.

The Bush is run by ten people. Our literary team is Tara Wilkinson (Artists’ Administrator), James Grieve (Associate Director) and Josie Rourke (Artistic Director). Bushfutures is our development arm which works with new practitioners and looks after this website. It’s overseen by Anthea Williams (Associate Director Bushfutures). We’re supported by a team of six professional directors who make up our creative associates panel – Nathan Curry, Charlotte Gwinner, Claire Lizzimore, Hamish Pirie, George Perrin and Titus Halder. Tara is your first point of contact.

We direct all our energies towards producing the best Playwrights at the Bush and beyond.

Sending us a play through bushgreen
This site is built to save us time on admin so we can spend more time making theatre. So while you can still send us a play through the post we’d really like if you used bushpress on bushgreen.

Submission process
Here’s what happens to your play once you click submit …

We read every play we receive. If your play is not for us we’ll let you know as quickly as we can. We don’t think it’s fair to keep you hanging on if we’re not going to take your play forward. Usually this is within eight weeks though during busy periods this can take longer.

Some plays we’ll pass on to our panel of six creative associate directors. We meet with them once a month to discuss the plays and writers we’re particularly interested in. We think it’s important that your play is read by a professional director, so even if we decide not to produce it here, a director could become an advocate for you or your play elsewhere.

At that point we’ll be in touch to let you know if we’re going to take your play forward or not. We aim to always give you a decision within eight weeks.

At any of these stages we might contact you to ask permission to publish your play on bushpress if you have not already up loaded it yourself (which we highly recommend you do). Hey, if we can’t do it might be produced elsewhere.

Responding to you and your play
We think that the best way to ‘develop’ a Playwright is by putting on their work. The Bush is a small theatre with a tiny and dedicated staff, so we can respond swiftly to programme a great play. We use our reading to find plays to produce and Playwrights to work with at the Bush.

To help us do this, we are going to be clearer in our response to your plays: either we will produce a play on our stage; advocate it elsewhere or let it go. Everything we do to ‘develop’ writers is about taking them towards a production on our stage or beyond.

If we’re not going to produce your play but we want to engage with your playwrighting, we’ll do our best to get you on our stage. Last year, we produced nineteen Playwrights at the Bush and we’re always looking to create more opportunities to present your work.

We don’t give notes on plays we’re not going to produce. If we develop a play it will be with the right director, giving good notes, in concrete movements towards a production.

Sending us your play
Currently you can send a play to us through bushgreen or by post.
For more information on the Bush Theatre, please visit the theatre’s website.

Bushgreen is for people in theatre to connect, collaborate and publish plays in innovative ways.

We've made it easy for you to connect with each other and share your work. We hope this will mean more plays will be performed.

* Submit plays directly to The Bush for our team to read and consider for production
* Connect with other writers, directors, producers and theatres
* Publish plays online so more people can access your work
* Earn money from downloads of your plays (if you choose to do so)
* Find fresh new work and generate people for readings, scratch nights and full productions