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 Posted: Tue Aug 17th, 2010 02:44 am
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he Flea regularly produces 4 – 6 new plays per year. We are offering this questionnaire to consider propositions best suited for The Bats. See more information about The Bats.

Because The Bats are a young ensemble, we are only interested in work which reflects and features performers in their 20’s. (In other words, if your play is in a naturalistic style and requires grandparents or children, please do not occupy your time and ours by submitting answers to the questionnaire.) Although we seek large diverse casts, we are open to smaller ensembles – but do tend to favor plays that reflect the company’s diversity and size. We do favor work which is risk-taking, politically relevant, sexually charged, and intellectually engaging.
This questionnaire allows us to get a snapshot of your work – and enables us to efficiently consider work for this extraordinary company. Please be advised to fill out the answers thoroughly and feel free to use your writing skills to begin the conversation about you and your proposed work. (Incomplete questionnaires will not be considered.)

Fill out the questionaire at: