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 Posted: Tue Aug 17th, 2010 02:45 am
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Point of You Productions was formed when its Artistic Director, Jeff Love, walked out of a bookstore after finishing Shakespeare's revenge tragedy Titus Andronicus and found himself in a throng of protesters speaking out against the Diallo trials, demanding that the policemen involved in shooting an innocent man be punished.

Wishing to convey to New York City the moral that revenge leads to destruction, he produced Titus Andronicus with a modern-day police state setting. Expecting this to be a one-time endeavor, he was surprised to find that by the end of the run, he had a small company of actors and technicians asking, "What's next?"

What was to be next was calling upon Johnny Blaze Leavitt, Point of You's Executive Director. Johnny was attracted to the idea of building a company whose mission is to produce original and classical works that convey a relevant moral relating to issues in today's society.

The pair agreed that art, and especially theatre, in New York City had become sensationalized and spectacle-oriented, taking focus away from its purpose: to enlighten. They feel that an audience needs to hear stories that pose important, thought provoking questions about what drives them to act the way they do in their daily lives.

Jeff began searching for appropriate material - classical or original - and develop how the audience should hear and see this material. Johnny Blaze Leavitt began assembling talented individuals committed to producing quality theatre and researching what would be needed for the new company to compete in such a large theatre community.

This is the essence of what Point of You is: the Artistic Director works to enrich the audience while the Executive Director creates the environment where artists can collaborate and build a collective body of work to be proud of.

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