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 Posted: Fri Sep 24th, 2010 04:44 pm
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Rogue Machine, Los Angeles, ongoing, no fee

Rogue Machine is a collection of artists with a variety of viewpoints. Any work staged by us must find a champion within our midst. Any script received will be read by the Literary Department and recommended plays made available to our directors. If a director is attracted to a script we will hold an in-house reading to determine the play’s suitability for Rogue Machine’s current production needs.

Scripts will be held in a pool of available scripts for 6 to 8 months and, if not selected, the playwright will be notified and the script returned. We are grateful for the opportunity to consider fresh work for the stage but for a variety of reasons, we do not share our in-house notes directly with the playwright. Plays considered for production may have had previous productions, but not in Los Angeles.

Scripts may also be submitted for our new play reading series ROGUES GALLERY. Preference is given to Los Angeles playwrights. Plays in this group may have had previous readings or workshops but not previous productions. Again, the plays will be read and commented on and made available to our directors. Plays selected for the New Play Reading Series may be further developed and/or considered for production. At the close of the reading series, playwrights whose scripts were not selected will be notified. A play may be submitted a second time if significantly re-written but not a third time.

Scripts should be submitted in a single file beginning with a title page and the author’s contact information. Page two should include a cast list and brief synopsis followed by the play in standard format. We are primarily interested in the text itself but if you wish to include biographical material or reviews, place them at the end. One file, please. And make your work easy to find by including key words from the title in the file name.

We highly encourage electronic submission in .PDF format.
To submit a play for consideration, please email: