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Buckham Alley Theatre Playwrights Forum Flint, MI, ongoing, no fee

We are still seeking submissions of original scripts.

Every year Buckham selects several original scripts to be performed at our theatre. One full length show (or several one act works) are featured prominently during our Annual Playwright's Forum. Ideally, these would be a works that have not been published (or can be premiered in our area) and works that the writer will workshop with us as the play is prepared for it's three week run at Buckham.

We are seeking directors for our next Playwright's Forum production. Please send a letter of interest to:

Dennis J. Sykes
Buckham Alley Theatre
Playwright’s Forum
P.O. Box 5156
Flint, MI 48505

Be sure to include contact information (including email address if possible).

If you would like to submit your script, mail a copy of the script also. Send self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your script returned after review. You can contact Dennis directly at 810-701-6968.

Buckham Alley Theatre Annual Playwright’s Forum, the origin.

In the early nineties Buckham board member Mr. Mark Friesen passed away. At a memorial held for him a collection was taken up and given to the remaining board to come up with a fit memorial in his honor. During the meeting to decide on a proper memorial, we remembered Mark was a playwright that always believed an aspiring playwright should have a venue in which he could showcase his work.

At the time there were not many venues available that lent themselves to producing new material in the Genesee County area, so the board decided it would take the money and establish a suitable memorial. The task was given to programming chairpersons Mrs. Suzanne Holms and Mr. Dennis J. Sykes and they presented the board with a project called the “Friesen Forum”.

The Friesen Forum would solicit annually for previously un-produced scripts of any kind and chose a winner from the selections. However, in the process of beginning the first annual Friesen Forum, Programming opted instead to call the project “Playwright’s Forum” to be held in memory of Mr. Mark Friesen.

Since that time there have been more than 20 productions with that esteemed title. Buckham has been proud to produce this project every year but one since it’s inaugural year (that exception being a collage of original shows commemorating the theatre’s 20th anniversary).

The Playwright’s Forum was in keeping with Buckham’s mission to provide “alternative programming to it’s patrons”, breathing life into works that might otherwise never be seen. So, therefore your support of this programming might give birth to a new classic in live theater.

Thank you for being a part of a rich and proud heritage.

About Buckham Theatre -
Flint's Original "Alternative" Theatre

Buckham Alley Theatre first opened its doors in 1983, as the Agree Reality Theatre. It was located on the third floor of the old Fisher Wallpaper & Paint building on the corner of Third and Harrison.

Birthed by psychologist Sadie Agree Schrieber, the troupe of players improvised in Psycho-Drama. In 1987, under the direction of Jonathan Round, who added great breadth, the company moved to its 512 Buckham Alley location - the old Beach & Stull Printing Warehouse and changed its name to Buckham Alley Theatre.

After extensive renovations, the theatre was opened to the public, with Chris Coddington bringing directing style. The theatre became a host facility for outside groups as well as a producer of its own shows. After some financial difficulties the theatre became (almost exclusively) a host facility and for a short time completely closed its doors.

Never to die an infant, the theatre did some reorganizing, acquired some funds, reopened its doors and pressed on. Remaining primarily a host facility, except for the Back Alley Players Comedy Improv Troupe (the old Psycho-Drama people), the theatre continued to survive by the skin of it's teeth until 1990 when we again started producing our own shows.

Continuing seasons have brought many outside productions and class offerings to Buckham as well as a variety of core (Buckham produced) shows. The Back Alley Players’ Improv Troupe continues to offer improv classes and performances sandwiched between more traditional theatrical offerings. Throughout the year Buckham offers children’s productions including the Annual Mano Breckenridge Memorial Youth Theatre Production, Bunny Tales, Tales From The Pumpkin Patch, Christmas Tales and others. We provide a venue for original theatrical plays in our Annual Playwright’s Forum (now in it’s 14th year) as well as non-traditional performance art, music and experimental theatre.

A major fundraising effort by our members and matching grant support from the Greater Flint Arts Council and the Ruth Mott Foundation in 2006 brought the theatre's finances back "into the black" and we began working with consultants to reorganize and look for a new location (the sale of our building was becoming inevitable as renovations and growth in the downtown area began encroaching upon us). In May of 2007, the sale of our building forced us close our space at 512 Buckham Alley before we were able to secure a suitable new home. We have temporarily moved into the Greater Flint Arts Council building at 812 S. Saginaw St. (just a block down the road). Our productions will be staged at various venues in the Flint area until we have found another permanent location.

For more information about Buckham Alley Theatre productions and classes, contact the theatre at 810-964-0791.