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Atwater Playhouse presents:
submissions of new works
Opportunity Info
Fresh off the success of our premiere season, (I Do and Invisible Bars),
The Atwater Playhouse and Method Acting School is accepting submissions of new
works for possible full productions in our upcoming season.


Please read the guidelines below, and if your work falls within those
guidelines, please send a synopsis of your piece, character breakdown, and page
count, and if we are interested we will contact you to request the entire

Submission Guidelines - please follow carefully.
Atwater Playhouse is a 45 seat black-box theatre. We are seeking plays that
will fit comfortably in our space. Our playing area is 20' X 20', with no
proscenium, and no wings. No musicals, please.

Atwater Playhouse works in the Stanislavski Method. We seek contemporary
material, set in reality, with no excessive dialog and exposition. We are not
looking for avant-garde works that break the fourth wall and address the
audience directly. We are looking for well written works that illuminate the
human condition.

Atwater Playhouse casts first from its talented company, and seeks material
suitable for its company members, which has a large percentage of women
22-30. Atwater Playhouse works with minimal sets and production. Our main focus
is characterization and acting.

Atwater Playhouse is accepting full-length plays (under one and a half
hours running time) and one acts.

If your play fits within these guidelines, please reply to this notice with
the following for consideration:
Title of play
1 page Synopsis
Character breakdown (M/F, age, short description)
Page count
Info on previous productions (if any)
Your contact information

The Atwater Playhouse Company of actors is committed to giving writers of
original material an outlet for their work to be seen. If you wish to submit
an original play for consideration as a future production or directed
reading, please send all materials to:

Atwater Playhouse Submissions
3191 Casitas Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Sorry, materials cannot be returned.