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Paines Plough, UK

Paines Plough is an award-winning, nationally and internationally renowned touring theatre company, specialising exclusively in commissioning and producing new plays and helping playwrights develop their craft.

As the UK’s national theatre of new plays with the playwright always at the heart of everything we do, Paines Plough widely tours world premiere productions and offers bespoke development support to playwrights.

Paines Plough was founded in 1974. It was named after the beer its founders were drinking (Paines bitter) and the pub in which they were drinking it (The Plough) at the moment the company was conceived.

Over the past 37 years, Paines Plough has established itself as a leading new writing company producing work by a wide range of playwrights across the UK and abroad. Collaboration with other theatre organisations is a vital feature of the company’s work.

Founder John Adams handed the Artistic Directorship to John Chapman in 1982. Pip Broughton succeeded in 1985, followed by Anna Furse (1990), Penny Ciniewicz (1994), Vicky Featherstone (1997) and Roxana Silbert (2005).

The current Artistic Directors James Grieve and George Perrin took up post on 1 February 2010

Playwrights – send us your play
We read every play we're sent and consider if for production. If you think we'll like your play, email it to and we’ll give you a call to let you know it's arrived safely. Then within four weeks we'll call you back to tell you whether we want to produce it or not. Please note that when George and James are in production it can take upto eight weeks to get back to you. We can only accept scripts by email so please don't send us hard copies - we're trying to save trees. Please include your contact phone number when you send your play, as well as a completed Equal Opportunities form, which can be downloaded from the 'Links and Downloads' column on the right. For further information, please also download our Unsolicited Scripts FAQs document.

Unsolicited Scripts FAQs

• Can I send you my script?

Yes, please do. Paines Plough accepts submissions of unproduced play scripts to be considered for production by the company. If you have written an original play for the stage that is yet to be produced, we will read it and let you know whether we wish to consider it for production.

• Are there any types of scripts you don’t read?

We only read plays we are able to consider for production. We are therefore unable to accept: plays that have already been produced; television, radio or film scripts; translations or adaptations; musical books and scores.

• How long should the play be?

We read plays of all lengths.

• How do I submit my script?

Please send us your play as an email attachment to along with an equal opportunities form which can be downloaded from our website at:

• Can I send it by post?

No, please don’t. We’re trying to save trees so we only accept scripts sent electronically by email. If you send us your script by post we’ll ask you to resubmit it electronically.

• What contact details should I include?

Please include your email address and phone number so we can contact you via telephone or email to let you know that we’ve received your play, and again once we’ve read it. Please also include your postcode, just so we can monitor the geographic spread of script submissions – we’re geeky like that.

• Do I need to send an equal opportunities form?

Yes please. We ask everyone submitting a script to also submit an equal opportunities form. This form will be kept separate to your play and will not be seen by the person reading your play. If you’re having trouble downloading the form from our website please email Hanna at and she’ll send you one over.

• How many plays can I submit at a time?

Please only submit one play at a time. Because of the large number of scripts submitted to Paines Plough, we are only able to read one submission per writer. If we like it, we’ll ask to read more.

• Who will read my script?

Your play will be read by one or more members of our core team: James Grieve & George Perrin (Co-Artistic Directors), Mike Bartlett (Associate Playwright), Tara Wilkinson (Producer), Sophie Larsmon (Trainee Producer) and Jack Lowe (Trainee Director). We don’t use external readers – every play is read in-house.

• How should my play be formatted?

However you like, just please include page numbers. Because we read plays on e-Readers (to save trees) it’s really helpful if the Title and Author fields are correct in the document’s properties. To check this, go to File > Properties > Summary (in MS Word) or File > Properties > Description (in Adobe Acrobat).

• What happens when you’ve read my play?

Once a member of our core team has read your play, we’ll give you a call to let you know whether we wish to consider it for production. We aim to do this within four weeks of you sending it to us. Please be aware that because we receive lots of plays every week, only a tiny percentage are considered for production.

• When will I hear back?

Once we’ve received your play, we’ll give you a call within a week to let you know it’s arrived. One of the core team will then read your play and get back to you within four weeks.

• Do you offer feedback?

No, sorry. We receive a huge number of plays and we don’t believe it is the best use of our resources to offer feedback on plays we’re not considering for production.

• My play has already been produced, can I still send it to you?

We exclusively produce new plays, so if your play has already had a production we won’t consider it, sorry.