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Everyman and Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool, UK

The first port-of-call is always the script. No writer is considered and no relationship forged without your work being your introduction to the theatres. We currently receive over 600 scripts per year. All scripts are read by a panel of freelance readers, and responded to with constructive criticism. Many of the writers associated with our Playwright Support programme are identified through this system.

When Submitting A Script
Please ensure that your script is type-written on A4 paper.
Please ensure it is printed in a clear font and that the pages are numbered.
Please include at the front a title page and a list of characters.
Please enclose a short covering letter telling us about your writing experience to date.
Please include a stamped addressed envelope, manuscript size, if you wish to have your play returned to you. If you are writing from outside the UK please enclose International Postal Coupons to the amount of the weight of the script. All plays without the full amount of postage will be recycled.
Please do not e-mail or fax scripts, as they will not be accepted.
We read all plays which are sent to us but we encourage writers to carefully consider whether they are showing their play to the right theatre at the right stage of the play’s development. First impressions last and due to the sheer number of scripts we receive only the best will be re-read through subsequent drafts. Prior to submitting your first script we advise you to join a writers' group outside these theatres which may read the play aloud and offer constructive criticism.

It is always hard to pinpoint what we look for in a script - like all art it ultimately comes down to 'taste'. However we know we are looking for writers who have a story that they passionately want to tell that can only be told through the unique power of theatre. We are looking for writers who are passionately dedicated to staking their claim as a writer in this city and who show a rigorous attention to detail in their work. We want to work with writers who are willing to continually challenge their craft and push themselves to develop a strong voice. We are looking for original voices.

"The living playwright is the heartbeat of contemporary theatre and their role and the responsibility they have to their work is paramount." Suzanne Bell

Once your script is received by the Literary Department, you will receive confirmation estimating the time it will take to process the script. This is normally 2 to 3 months. Due to the sheer number of script submissions, and the rigorous process we give to each script, we ask that you do not chase up the script within that time.

The script is read and discussed within the Literary Department. At this stage, you will receive a letter with feedback. You may be asked to come in and meet with the Literary Manager and / or Artistic Director. A script might be passed on to other members of the yheatres for further discussion. We stress that this is only the beginning of a long relationship. We can only enter into correspondence with writers whose scripts we are developing.

Please submit scripts to:

Suzanne Bell
Literary Manager
Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse
13 Hope Street
Liverpool L1 9BH