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 Posted: Tue May 7th, 2013 03:21 pm
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Hi everyone:

After several fairly barren years on this forum, I am happy to report that I am working with Guy Masterson on a courtroom drama. It had its first reading in DC in November, and will have its next two reading in London. The play is half 12 Angry Men and half Inherit the Wind - the action alternates between jury deliberations and the trial in flashbacks. The case is a predatory lending pro bono case I did in 1997 - so based on a true story.

That's my news (I also had a daughter and named her Liberty in 2008)but the point of the post is this: Masterson turned me on to the amazing performances you can see on youtube: Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (With Eddie Izzard)and Noises Off are three that have blown my mind recently.

It is not always the easiest to get to see plays - although it is really essential if you want to write them - so I thought this tip might be useful.

Writing is hard. Keep going.

With best wishes for a good day from your friendly neighborhood Swann