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 Posted: Fri Aug 16th, 2013 06:12 pm
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Dear swann,

Always look forward to your Fringe Roundup. You really came through again. Was not sure if you were going, but was most delighted to see you did and share it with all.

I always feel as if I am sitting next to you in your reviews. And you praise but don't "gush" like sooooooo many reviewers. They become "boosters" of EVERYTHING rather than critical reviewers. Thank you so much for your gorgeous writing and eye.

Everyone who I know who has performed at The Fringe - of any age - said it was the best theatre experience of their lives.

My step-daughter's troupe of 6 out of NYC at the time, did it about ten years ago and many other actors. They all just glowed over it. And their original play was "Pick of the Week" and were on Edinburgh TV for an interview. And they still meet people from the Fringe - when they come to the States - that they met there.

Will make note of some of the shows to see if they come here...and I hope they will.