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 Posted: Wed Jun 4th, 2014 11:30 pm
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I am a new playwright. I have written one One Act play which runs to about 80 minutes, two 15 minute plays and a few monologues.

Most of these have a theme of mental health. Should I spend a few hours just going through the internet trying to get as much attention as possible?

especially with Mental Health theatre companies? I am working with someone from Stepping Out Theatre in Bristol, who is mentoring my writing?

Should i just run it by him what I am thinking of doing? I have had one 5 minute monologue performed and a 15 minute play going to a rehearsed reading stage with Stepping Out in Bristol.

Should I just go all holds barred and send my stuff out all over the world?
Does that make one look a bit stupid? Or is that just how one does it?

Sorry if it is a basic question, but I've been working on writing almost a year and a half and I think I need to know more about this side of things.

Of course I will talk to my mentor, but any advice before that would be great!