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 Posted: Thu Jun 5th, 2014 10:14 pm
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Hi Edd,
Thanks for the speedy response.
What do you think the main reasons for you earning 6K from this publishing? You have a pretty good coverage on this website I would think being who you are here? I'm not the best social networker. Isnt it things like that that would get me Coverage?
How much have other people here published on here made in general? What is it based on, the merits of the work or the social networking?
I do have all the time in the world and can change my very annoying chat habit to networking in other ways I'm sure :)
Kato Is great he invited me to write a five minute monologue for the Christmas show they did At second step players.
I think I should finish my full length before sending anything out because otherwise it's just a couple of 15 minute plays and a monologue or 2.
If I give them my full length they will have a selection at least and it will save time emailing them a second time. Other than that I am entering small competitions with whatever is appropriate so far.

Oh yeah, I wanted to ask how much is is published here? I'll have a look around the website.