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 Posted: Thu Jun 12th, 2014 04:42 am
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Thank you for posting this interview.  I find it very inspiring and I will certainly return to it to tap into some of your terrific ideas.  You caught my interest immediately with the mention of Romulus Linney.  I was blessed to have Linney as one of my writing instructors when I was a student at U. of Penn.   He was a great man.

I am not familiar with Sara Ruhl's work - I will be sure to check her out.

I particularly like the way you mix "concept" with "narrative" in your play ideas.  Apparently, you think in dramatic terms - an excellent habit when working in theater (no duh, huh?).

I also like your suggestion to have a character do "the most inappropriate thing" as a way to approach comedy.  I will take that suggestion as well. 

I believe strongly in that immediate relationship between the actor and the audience.  This is the aspect of theater that appeals to me the most.  When I worked in film, I was awed by writer-directors who pursued a similar objective (John Cassavetes, Werner Herzog, Lars Von Trier, Harmony Korine) but I feel it exists in its most immediate form on the stage. Like a live musical performance by a great improvisational musician, whatever happens in that moment forges an intimacy that can't be dissolved or replicated.  

I look forward to delving into your work.   Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

- Jim C