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 Posted: Mon Sep 1st, 2014 09:32 pm
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Having been on the front lines for many years of enforcing contracts for actors, I always tell actors, especially younger ones entering the business, "If you are a pushover, people will be waiting in line to push you over."

Fortunately, 99% of producers adhere to the contracts and safe working conditions.

I also tell actors, "20 years from now, no producer is going to give a shit if you break a leg on a set and develop arthritis. They'll either be retired or dead. So, take care and watch out for yourself and other actors."

You called it right, edd.

Theatres should think of this when it comes to Royalties and payments: Imagine if you had come home and $700 dollars was missing from your kitchen table? Or someone picked your pocket? What you you do? You would call the Police.

At least now, Paper Wing Theatre knows it is on “The Watch List” by 1,871 members of The Forum and any of the numerous non-member browsers who come to the site. And The Dramatist Guild is also aware of it.

And they have publicly apologized. (But would they have, if they had not been caught?!)

Glad you got it resolved. And thanks to Paul.

Maybe you have taught a lot of people - playwrights as well as producers - a good and informative lesson. Let's hope so.

Sorry you had to go through this.

Good for following through. You are a shining example to all of us.

Atta boy!

Have a martini.



P.S. I've told this before and I'll say it again: Many years ago, Richard Garmise, former legal counsel to The DGA said to a gathering of members members "I’f you had a dozen children, you would not let one of them go out and play in traffic. Why do that with your plays? Watch over each of them as if they are your children.”