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 Posted: Thu Feb 26th, 2015 10:35 pm
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Through the 50s and 60s I think I saw just about every B'Way musical. I was hooked. I'm still wild about musicals--AMERICAN musicals pre the dwarf from England. I hate what the SOB has done to the young, new, musical goers. Now they expect the over the top crap he's brought to B'Way. I shouldn't hate him for it---times change. BUT I am not excited about it. One last thought. A young person goes to see a musical for the first time. OMG! Who can forget their first B'way show.. It's a lifelong memory. OK, so that young person goes gaga for musicals--he saw phantom of the opera and decides he wants to see Chicago next. HEY! WHERE'S THE FRIGGIN' SET? THIS SUCKS and that young person, if he's not gay, may never bother to see another musical unless it comes from the dwarf from England. Ah, for the days of Cole Porter, Bernstein,Sondheim, Comdem and Green...etc. Okay I'm 70 and that's the way we geezers talk. The past is always better. BUT, in this case, It was without a doubt much better! So shoot me.