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 Posted: Sat Oct 15th, 2016 01:28 am
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Interesting that Americans might not understand irony and satire. I've heard that before too, and yet, so many shows like The Simpsons and Seinfeld are popular, which make heavy use of this kind of humor, so I'm not so sure that I buy into it.

For that 1984 Broadway production of "Accidental Death", it seems that they wrote a new translation of the text, which could have missed the wit and cutting edge of the original. Translations can make or break the quality of world theatre brought to an American/English audience. Why not use the official translation?

Alan Cumming's production seems like it was right on the nose, from the blurb you linked. Looks it did a good thing by giving it a historical context that resonated with English audiences.

I think that might be why "Accidental Anarchist" flops abroad sometimes: its historical context (the suspicious death of Giuseppe Pinelli) is lost on the foreign public.

The Mark Blanco incident is really ironic. As if Fo himself had wrote it!

Makes you want to write a political farce for our American times, doesn't it?