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 Posted: Thu Mar 21st, 2019 11:19 pm
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Hey, All. My novel QUEEN CITY AND OTHER DIMENSIONS has been published, and available on Google, Amazon and bookstores. HOWEVER, I have written a re-edited and revised edition that will be available in June in Hardcover. I am offering, completely of no charge, a free PDF of the new version to all of my STAGEPLAYS friends. Just let me know you want a copy and I will send you the PDF. and you got it. Below is a synopsis: This is not a joke. This is for real——the entire revised edition that comes out in Hardcover in June is yours for the asking at Paul Thain, Paddy, in media res, I expect you all to want one. I appreciate and love STAGEPLAYS, and have for decades!

Queen City and Other Dimensions is a humorous satire of manners, mythologies and social conventions. Satirized are a small circle of friends, Supreme Court Judges in the guise of Roman Catholic Cardinals, more than a few politicians, some evil benefactors, religion and science. There is an infamous book from a distant planet pursued by many, including the Vatican. As the book goes through a succession of hands each reader is changed by its magic. 

Victoria Aires and her bevy of gay friends, members of the Friends of Erotic Artifacts, take a wild field trip to the caverns of sensuous delights on the far side of the Cheyanne Mountain Strategic Air Command where they discover a government secret plot to spy on the citizens of Queen City with tiny bots; a test in preparation for spying on all world leaders. Chaos ensues when Queen City becomes the victim of a fracking disaster, the brain child of the Koch brothers who have set up shop by Lake Titicaca near a psychic retreat called Puerto Nostradamus. Queen City and Other Dimensions explores time travel, astro projection, folding space and so much, much more.