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 Posted: Fri Nov 8th, 2019 08:57 pm
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I am a freelance writer who was asked to draft a sponsorship letter and a play summary for a playwright who needed to attract potential actors and sponsors. After providing her with the draft, she didn't pay me. If you're a playwright, please pay for services that you outsource and have a good work ethic.

From the description that the playwright provided (below), the play seemed mediocre, and lacked the necessary details to make the story compelling with a true arc. Also, the characters were one dimensional. Tell me what you think of the playwright's description below:

Summary of Play
Niecy and Sharon have been best friends since childhood. They grew up in the same neighborhood and attended the same college. There have been no secrets between the two of them and they are each other’s ride or die. The joys and sadness of life created a bond between the two of them that could never be broken. Both Niecy and Sharon are successful realtors who have just become brokers and are working hard to open their own firm, New Vision Realtors. Each day they go to work and are the only woman surrounded by a room of men and constantly prove that they are just as good if not better than their male counterparts.

With New Vision Realtors up and operating, they have landed their first monumental contract. A deal that will put these newcomers on the map. They are assisting a very successful and powerful client with bidding and acquiring the new downtown development that will allow them to provide new entrepreneurs like themselves modern office space as well modern living space. It is the hottest real estate opportunity, and many are eager to purchase this property. Their top competitor, Landmark Realtor, is aware of their stellar negotiation skills and innovative bidding approach. Landmark needs to stop Niecy and Sharon from winning the bid to prevent their company from closing. They send their top broker, Jerome Tate, to infiltrate and learn about this threat called New Vision Realtors.
Secrets and past hurts begin to change their sisterhood and possibly derail their dreams.

Other details:
The two launch the business after winning a bid for a commercial client
Cleaner contractor joins the realty firm but is really a competitive realtor spying on them
One of the friends unexpectedly becomes pregnant
The other gets upset and the relationship gets tense
The firm's administrative assistant offers comic relief

I asked the playwright for play details such as the location, the personalities of the protagonists, when and where the play takes place, and more but she was so fearful that she would be giving away too much information.

Again, I spent a good two to three hours writing the draft, and now I feel ripped off. I wish more people were honest as they worked with contractors who help them bring their ideas to reality. What are your thoughts of the play and my experience?

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