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 Posted: Fri Jul 31st, 2020 08:16 pm
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NOTICE BOARD is no longer part of this forum.

OPPORTUNITIES for PLAYWRIGHTS is where you'll find all the opps - including residencies competitions and awards.

For ONGOING OPPS - they will listed in one thread posted at the top of OPPORTUNITIES for PLAYWRIGHTS - the newer posts will be at the end of the thread, not the beginning.

FRINGE FESTIVALS/SELF-PRODUCED OPPS is self-explanatory, and you'll find self produced opps there. As we don't post opps that require a reading fee, we also don't post opps here that require a reading fee.

But oops that require a participation fee will be posted provided you collect a share of the box office.

Once in awhile, we'll post opps that offer no payment to the playwright. This will only be done when there is a reason for this or as in Gone in Sixty - which doesn't pay, but uploads a very professional video to YouTube.

All this is an attempt to make sure you have access to all opps that will forward your career and at the same time, respect you - the playwright