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 Posted: Mon Jul 12th, 2021 04:03 pm
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Hello. I have been in the planning stages of the musical I have been writing for the past few months and I have got to the stage where I need a composer and lyricist.
Brief Synopsis:
Harper has been bullied by Violet for the way she looks for past two years at the Performing Arts School. The show starts at the beginning of there final year in there studies of dance and Harper is finding it hard to deal with the bullying and we see the impact it is making on her. We meet her best friend, Aaron, who is struggling with his sexuality and worried about how his family will react when he comes out but when new boy, Dan, arrives he has to choose between a guy or his family as Dan will not date him until he has come out. Due to the bullying from Violet, Harper starts to starve herself so she can have the "dancers look" but what does that even mean. Harper from the help of her best friend and her mother Nancy will she be able to come over her battle of self love? Will Aaron come out and finally be happy? Is there a reason behind Violets ways?
If you are interested in being the composer or lyricist for the show then please private message me or comment below
Thank you 🙂