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 Posted: Thu Feb 1st, 2007 07:09 pm
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Always a bad thing and poor form to suggest plot rethinks, I know, but you did say you'd had it on the blocks for a while, and (for me) that sometimes means there's a plot/planning problem.

What if the reveal is that the three 'corpses' knew the money was there, and (it is later shown) swapped the bullets for blanks so they could play dead and stay in the house to find it when everyone else was asleep?

The audience would be led up the blind alley of the 'it's a how do they get rid of the bodies' gig, but you could have characters creeping around in the semi-darkness who the audience must assume would be the living cast, but are actually the 'dead' cast, the cop returning to try and make an arrest for murders which were never committed... especially if there is some clothes-swapping going on.

... sorry, Theatralite (isn't that a Duracell battery) but I've had a bad day at work, I'm on my fourth pint of cider and am waffling - but it might set the juices flowing (oooeeer no, missus, no, yes, now, ahhh... don't laugh, no, it's wicked).