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 Posted: Sun Feb 4th, 2007 08:28 pm
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good points  I just have a thought or two to add...

like the (...)  One thing that I learned early and noticed in a lot of plays that have been submitted to me, is that people don't constantly speak in short sentences.  Some, short, some long.  A lot of the dialogue lately seems to be this cutesy, sex and the city, type, ha ha stuff.  I love the dot dot dot, but it has to be pregnant with thought.  Too many short sentences in a row really, often gets really annoying.  I'm not saying to soap box, but think about how you atalk to your friends, sometimes one lets the other speak a little while.  Just something to play with...

Secondly, the technical requirements.  I like what you said, about not worrying.  I have read a playwrighting book or two that said that you should think about that and really take it into consideration.  My opinion is this... think about who is going to produce it and if you care.  Some things scare off companies from picking up your work, likewise, if you are writing for a specific competition or short play festival, you may want to consider your budget, or although you may have a good play, they may go with another good play that is easier to produce.