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 Posted: Tue Feb 13th, 2007 04:21 pm
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Hi Paddy,

Again, thanks for reading.

I agree with the initial phone conversations being a bit quirky. I may still do some editing on that, try to smooth it out. Or use actor's. I'm not sure.

Why did you have a hard time with the name Justine? Is it not something a Scotsman would name his daughter? Please fill me in on this. I'm not married to the name. I would, however, keep the names of the Rita's daughter and the older woman the same. Seperated at birth stories all have strange coincidences like that.

Finally, Rita's adoptive mother never told her about the locket. When she died, she gave the locket to J but didn't tell her where she got it. Rita might have looked at this piece of what she thought was costume jewlery once or twice and read the inscription but didn't pay much mind to it. Still the name "Mully Red" stayed in the back of her mind.

I'm not sure what gave you the impression that she knew this was a locket that had significance. If there was something in the story that went that way, could you pointed out. I wouldn't want an audiance to think that she's been searching for the inscriber all her life.

Thanks for your thoughts,

PS I've re-posted the script with some minor changes. The most significant change is:

         Mrs. O'Connor... I... I have this locket... and...
         and it's inscribed... and... Mrs. O'Connor, I'm not
         sure how to ask this...
         Your father had died before you were born.
         I wanted to keep you but my parents... they wouldn't
         have it, with me being un-wed and all. I gave a
         nurse money and told her to put my locket... to keep
         it with the baby. I never knew if she complied.

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