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 Posted: Fri Jun 9th, 2006 11:55 am
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Benefits of Registering

You must register to make full use of this Forum

The Forum requires you to register in order to post new topics, reply to topics started by other users, attach files to your posts, start polls, or vote on polls
  • As a registered user, you can edit your own posts while unregistered users cannot
  • Registration may be required to see member-only forums, if there are any
  • You can send private messages to other members of the board only if you are registered
  • Registered users can keep track of the topics they are interested in, and receive e-mail notifications when someone posts to one of those topics
  • Registered users can receive daily e-mail digests of posts in forums they are interested in
  • Registered users can have avatars (small pictures to represent themselves on the board).
  • Registered users can add Mana to others
 Getting Started: Moving Around & Sorting Topics

The board you are viewing shows several Forums. Each forum can have several topics which in turn can have several posts
  • To see the topics in a forum, click that forum's name
  • To see the posts in a topic, click that topic's title
You can return to the homepage of this board at any time by:
  • clicking HOME located at the top of the screen, or
  • clicking the first link (name of the board) in the location line displayed right below the logo
  • You can sort topics by clicking the column name
  • Help File available above
And there's now a separate Forum which welcomes Ideas & Suggestions as to how we can improve this service