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 Posted: Thu Dec 6th, 2007 07:10 pm
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All of you who go back to the last century with this Forum already know that fee-based calls for submissions have not been accepted on our "Noticeboard."  The reasons are many and I see no need to rehash them here.  For well over a decade I have watched threads debate this issue.  We all know both sides of the argument very well. 

If you are charging a fee (or disguising it in the form of a donation) you are selling something.  Any posting that requests money from our members to read their scripts is considered an advertisement and we do not allow advertisements of any type in this forum.

Fee-based submission opportunities will not be allowed to be posted on any thread of The Playwrights' Forum.  Any that are will be immediately removed.  It is understood that some of you will disagree with this policy, however it is final and sanctioned by management and The Internet Theatre Bookshop.

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