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 Posted: Sat Nov 28th, 2020 06:44 am
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One Act Streaming Play Festival

Entry Guidelines

This Moment Productions seeks to redefine the way we consume theatre in a changing world. We are seeking submissions that fit the Zoom or online streaming format only. We will produce eight, ten minute one acts. Each will
stream for two weekends in Spring 2021.

Please send all submissions to

Eligibility | Plays must be the original work of persons who are residents of the U.S. In the case of collaborations,
the residency requirement pertains to all authors. All playwrights must be 18 or older. Playwrights must hold all legal rights to their piece; it may have been previously produced, workshopped, or presented as a reading prior to entry in the competition.

Script Requirements
Length: Every play must be able to be fully performed, including all additional audio sources such as music and
other sound effects, in 10-minutes or less.

Structure: Although not a requirement, preferential consideration will be given to plays in one scene and/or a
single setting. Must be able to be produced for virtual streaming platforms.

Cast: No more than 2-3 actors and all roles must be for individuals 18 years or older. (More characters are
allowed if actors may double.) A list of characters with a brief physical description of each must be included on the
Entry Form. This Moment Productions will arrange directors, actors, rehearsal, and handle all editing including
production and streaming of the play. Playwrights interested in directing should note that upon submission. This
Moment Production, as producer, will have final say and approval of the piece prior to release to public audiences.

Genre: Comedy, drama, mystery, thriller or monologue — but no musicals or plays for children.

Technical Limitation: Play settings should be simple, suitable written for the online streaming platform, requiring very minimal props/costumes and limited technical effects. Our productions look to simplify the stage picture to emphasize the playwright’s work, strong character driven pieces are a must. No use of copyrighted music, logos,
or names/franchises.

Format: PDF or Microsoft Word, prepared using standard formatting for a stage play.
We suggest you read “How to format your script” by Sam Graber on the website of The Playwrights’ Center: — a correctly formatted script is easier to read and
evaluate. A Word template which you may find helpful is available for download.

Originality: We seek plays that are new, inventive, fresh, and not an adaptation of work by another author. The
play may have been workshopped, produced or presented as a reading prior to entry in the competition but must be
unpublished. Submission Limit: Three plays per playwright.

Submission Fee: There is no fee for entry. If your play is selected for production, you will be expected to provide
a brief (150-word) biography, a JPG high-resolution photo, and a brief synopsis of the play which may be used in
marketing and promotion.

Deadline: Uploaded script must be received by December 5th at 5:00pm CST. No more than 100 scripts will be
accepted. With our receipt of the one hundredth script, no further entries will be considered. *Please see
information that should be included in your email along with your submission.

Uploading: Plays may only be submitted electronically to This Moment Productions at

Selection: The play selection process begins with evaluation by our team of readers, who will independently
score each play according to their assessment of plot, character, dialogue, language, theatricality and their own
emotional response. Due to the high volume of entries we are not able to give specific feedback. If your play is
selected you will be notified by December 31st, please no inquires.
Performance: Plays selected as finalists will be staged as full productions, ticket sales, promotion, rehearsal,
casting, and advertisement will all be the responsibility of This Moment Productions and will be streamed for two
weekends in Spring 2021.

Your email submission must include the following information.
(You do not need to attach this form. Please keep the above for your records.)

Name of Playwright Submitting:
Title of One Act:
Playwright Email Address
Playwright Phone #:
How many actors are featured in your piece?
Please list props special to this production:
Are you interested in directing your piece? Yes or No
Please describe your piece in 250 words or less:
I affirm that the attached script is my original work and is not based on or adapted from any other work, including
but not limited to novels, short stories, screenplays, teleplays, other theatrical scripts, or from musical forms such
as opera, contemporary music or musical theater.
I affirm that my play has not been published.
I understand that if my play is selected, I will be interviewed by This Moment Productions to confirm the originality
of the work and that other steps will be taken to confirm my statements.
I understand that violation of these rules will disqualify my play for consideration.
I understand This Moment Productions will make final production decisions based on the quality of the work and
practicality of production, and such decisions shall be final.

By submitting you are agreeing to all the information presented in this document.

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