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 Posted: Mon May 21st, 2007 11:21 am
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Has anyone else read anything by Jasper Fforde (a pseudonym)?  His four novels about Thursday Next  -  the greatest woman detective - are a little bit Raymond Chandler, a little bit Douglas Adams, clever, funny and a great read.  I am astonished they are not much more popular than they are.  Get the first one in the series - The Eyre Affair.  You will fall in love. 

I haven't written any play reviews lately.  The Rose Tattoo at the National was just awful and Pinter's Caretaker at the Tricycle was really, really stunning.  I find Pinter so hard to watch sometimes and when it's well done in a small theatre it's overwhelming.  The actors were killer.  One of them was the guy James Bond stabs at the Bodyworks Exhibit in Casino Royale. 

There's a thing going on in London theatre - plays either seem to be hyper-real - like written from transcripts of proceedings (Blair's indictment at the Tricycle now) or abstract - unreal.  I think the great and the good tire of the standard Irish kitchen sink dramas. 

Anyone watch Dr. Who? 


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