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 Posted: Thu Aug 2nd, 2007 01:07 pm
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I thought I had posted this, but I can' find it. If you run into it twice, please excuse.

How will students know of America’s actors, writers, artists, or musicians if their history profs never mention them in class?... more»

I run across this problem all the time. I recently ran into a MFA graduate in Acting who had never seen anything Marlon Brando was in. Anyone else encounter this problem?

‘This would be comparable to an American History major not knowing or having read anything about WWII.

A genereation used to be considered about 20 years: about the time it took a person to start to “generate” procreate another generation. Now it has nothing to do with biology. It seems to be a cultural mindest. I think it is five years...or less.

Is it a growth of Narcissism in the world? Or is it ignored purposefully ignored, as it is not deemed important enough to be published in textbooks and by teachers in generals studies programs?

Any comments?


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