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 Posted: Fri Aug 3rd, 2007 02:31 pm
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You, know, I've drawn a blank plenty of times on stuff that I should know. Its not that I don't know it, it's an access problem.

I don't think it's laziness on the part of these students, I think that there's much more information to process. There is such access to information that it is difficult to discern the profound from the trivial, especially since the trivial gets so much bandwidth.

Who is acting today who hasn't been influenced by Brando, whether you can name him or not?

If at some point in your self education as an artist (sure we go to school and study with masters, but in the end, it's what we motivate ourselves to do that defines us) we don't start learning about the work of the greats, then we're probably not the kind of artist who is really going to grow. We're the kind of artist who gets stuck and stays that way, and perhaps is very happy that way. Greatness will not visit this artist.

Honestly, when I read the question about the fool, my first thought was AS YOU LIKE IT -- because I've seen it and performed in it so damn much -- because the statue in Startford on Avon is of Touchstone and quotes from that play -- so that made him the most prominent fool for me -- not because I don't know Lear -- but because I just read about a local company doing AS YOU LIKE IT this weekend and that's what floated to the top.

I'm encouraged that the first student asked, "Who's Marlon Brando?"

That's the opportunity -- the follow-up to the question. Was the answer conveyed as a, "I can't believe you've spent blah blah years learning to be an actor and don't know blah blah--!" Or was it, "OMG! He's amazing! You have to rent ON THE WATERFRONT. Wanna watch it together?"

That's where the education is. That's how we hand down the traditions. Through exuberant and passionate exchange.

There's a world of opportunity in what seems on the surface to be a stupid question. We're artists. We're all about getting under the skin of the stupid, right?


PS -- the pic is for you, IMR --

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