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 Posted: Fri Aug 3rd, 2007 03:02 pm
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A freind of mine came over about ten years ago. I had watched "On The Waterfront" again and told him to look at a scene and tell me what is different from movies made today? he is a highly accomplished artist and set designer.

He watched it. I think it was something like 9 or ten minutes long...maybe longer. It is an engrossing scene with Eva Marie Saint on the swings. He said, "It's brilliant. I don't know. What is it?"

Well, it was a two character scene leavng teh Chruch to the swings to the promenade of the riverfront: ONE CAMERA. TWO SHOT. NO CLOSE-UPS. Just two actors, brilliant script, Kazan as director and Leonard Bernsteins score!

The technique evaporated into the story. They were one.

Now the filmakers would be cross cutting, quick edits, extreme closeups of an eye or a lips back and forth. It is a different way to tell a story, and art does and must evolves yes, but just because the tools of the editing room are available does not mean we have to use them! Usually it is done because the director/producers do not think an audience has the attention of a puppy near a treat bowl.

Thanks for your comments!

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