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 Posted: Fri Aug 3rd, 2007 03:55 pm
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I agree with everything you say.

And yes, I have been continuingly mentoring for thirty years. I know others who do. Including a nine year old nephew from Lousiana!

The best part of mentoring is you never really know when you may be doing it. It comes back years later like me on Santa Monica Boulevard 10 years ago and a young guy comes running after me when I was leaving a small theatre production and calling out my name. He introduced himself and I remembered him. Had not seen him for many years. "I am an actor! I am an actor!" "That's terrific, I replied. "No, I'm an actor because of you! A working actor." And then he told me why. And you know, I never even gave it a thought at the time. I was just going about my business and had professional dealings and conversations with him during breaks.

But what a rewarding small world encounter that one was! I've never seen him again and most likely never will. All who mentor, will receive things like that, whether big or small. So take those teen-agers to plays and museums. I am sure anyone who teaches gets people who say that. But I am not a least not professionally.

And I was prepared for professional mentoring by other gracious people especially in NYC in the profession and associated professions and in life and have always passed it on.

And I also know others who charge astonishing fees who pass on a lot of bad fact complete b*llsh*t. Believe me, you do NOT always "get what you pay for!"

I love what you wrote and it is at the core:

"I looked around the room. Not one of these 20 or so WELL MEANING (My caps!), arts oriented adults had brought a teenager to see the show. "uh, why didnt anyone bring a teeneger tonight?" That was my feedback."

"Well meaning" means "nothing."

That's like a writer saying, "I have this story running around in my head."


in media res

P.S. I heard from one of the History professors about the article. Here is his comment. I have left out the names to protect the innocent!

"I did like the article and passed it on to several colleagues. The article mentions ********* but his book on ******** is full of bullshit as is his book on *******."

Now that is the passion theatre artists should have! This is from a world renowned, much published History professor! We share a cocktail every other week and it is the best "class" one could ever attend for him and for me.

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