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 Posted: Fri Aug 3rd, 2007 05:09 pm
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timmy wrote: answer one other question you raised, IMR...yes, No Child Left Behind, with its endless litany of tests, tests, tests...lean more on rote information than comprehensive thinking skills. College level, probably not (hopefully not) but still, the learning experiences of those entering higher education are more trained for memorization skills than hands on. Thus our sciences, physics, areas are suffering. The creative student (actors, artists, musicians, etc.) are obviously more "hands on" but are also more intuitive than deductive. Add all this with the increasingly lack of empathy in our younger people and one has one HUGE social problem.

I do not believe believe that this is a failure of the education system. This is a failure of the community, of which the school is a part.

Artists making themselves available to members of their community, inviting outsiders in, making it part of their core mission to be an ambassador for the arts -- this is the way we can help.

It is not enough just to make your art happen.

It is not enough just to write a play that addresses a societal or political problem.

We must initiate new audiences into your theaters. We must introduce our theater to new and imaginative venues to capture new audiences. We must always always always be wiling to go out of our way to get people outside of our circle involved.

Not to bring in greater ticket sales or ensure our survival as artists, but because it is an essential component of an active, thinking, open community.

Arts brings people into the room together.

Thats how we can use our art to glean social change.

Theater is exclusively local. Use it to strengthen your community.

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